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June 2016

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Consultation on strategic issues & scoping - now open

If you have registered your details you should have today received an email (or letter) that our consultation exercise on strategic issues and scoping of the new Local Plan is now open. If you haven't registered and would like to be involved please do so on the 'keep in touch' section of the website.

From now until 15 August 2016, we are inviting your comments on what the scope of the new Local Plan should be, and the planning issues it should address. We are also setting out our starting point for developing new planning policies and the framework we will use to making decisions on the Local Plan.

The consultation covers strategic issues including our vision and objectives and our plans for achieving them, as well as more detailed issues such as infrastructure provision and protecting the environment. The consultation materials are all available in the 'Issues & Scoping Consultation' section of this website.

This consultation also includes a ‘call for sites’, to identify sites within the Borough that may have potential for development to meet identified needs over the next 20 years, including for  housing, retail, commercial and community development and infrastructure. This will help to ensure that there is sufficient land available across the Borough to meet our development needs. This could include allocating land for housing, retail, commercial and community development and infrastructure amongst other things. If you are aware of any site(s) that may have development potential over the next 20 years please let us know by completing the ‘Site Submission’  section of the website.

As the consultation progresses, we will use this website to publish comments received and answer frequently asked questions. We will also publicise any further consultation events and opportunities to get involved.

We look forward to hearing from you.


By Planning Policy Team at 15 Jun 2016

SCI Consultation Reminder

Just a reminder that there is a little over a week to comment on our revised Statement of Community Involvement.  Copies of the draft SCI and further details on how to comment are contained on our SCI Consultation page. The closing date for comments is Monday 13th June 2016.

By Planning Policy Team at 2 Jun 2016
There are 3 items on 1 pages.

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