A New Local Plan for Darlington

A new development plan for long term investment and growth for Darlington is being prepared for the next 20 years, up to 2036. It will set out where significant new development should go and will include policies to protect valued environments and heritage, and ensure liveable places.

We need to ensure our population’s needs for housing, a thriving economy, community facilities and infrastructure are met– as well as safeguarding the environment, adapting to climate change and securing good design. By 2036, there could be at least 10,000 new homes, supporting the creation of at least 6000 new jobs and helping to sustain a vibrant town centre and high quality sports and recreation facilities and spaces. The Local Plan will be a framework of policies and guidance that will make growth happen in a well thought out, sustainable way.

We need Darlington’s stakeholders to tell us what’s important to them so that we can make the right choices for the Borough now and in years to come. At this stage, it’s difficult to say what the impact of the Local Plan on individuals, groups, business and other stakeholders will be but we want people to get involved when there is an opportunity for them to influence what happens. We’ve set up this website to keep you informed about the Local Plan’s progress and opportunities to get involved in its preparation.

These pages are all about Darlington’s emerging Local Plan. If you’re looking for Darlington’s adopted planning policies and planning position statement these can be found in the Planning pages on the main Council Website. [Opens new tab/window]



Darlington Housing and Employment Land Availability Assessment

The Darlington Housing and Employment Land Availability Assessment 2017 is now available to view.

By Planning Policy Team at 27 Mar 2018

Local Green Space Designation Consultation

You have one week left to make your applications for potential Local Green Space Designations in the Darlington Local Plan.

By Planning Policy Team at 14 Mar 2018

Darlington Five Year Housing Land Supply Position Statement

The council have prepared a report setting out the five year housing land supply assessment for the period 1 April 2017 to 31 March 2022.

By Planning Policy Team at 26 Feb 2018