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Festival of Ingenuity - Saturday 14 July

We were able to meet over 50 of you last Thursday at the Dolphin Centre and there were some really interesting comments made about the Draft Darlington Local Plan.  Don't forget to submit your comments to us via the portal or by response form before the 2nd August 2018.

The Planning Policy Team will next be at the Festival of Ingenuity on Saturday 14 July from 10am in Darlington Town Centre.  Please feel free to pop by and see our proposals for the Draft Darlington Local Plan, including the policies maps.  

By Planning Policy Team at 12 Jul 2018

Next Consultation Event - Thursday 5 July

We enjoyed meeting so many of you (well over 100 of you, in fact!) at the Darlington Community Carnival on Saturday, and are looking forward to receiving your comments.

Don't forget, comments can be submitted via our online portal, by email, or by completing a response form / writing a letter and sending it to us.

Our next Consultation Event for the Draft Darlington Local Plan will be an informal 'drop-in' event at Darlington Dolphin Centre on Thursday 5 July from 10am to 2pm.  Come along with any questions you may have about the draft plan, or just to find out what it's all about.

Thank you for taking part in Planning for Darlington.

By Planning Policy Team at 2 Jul 2018

Local Green Space Designations - June 2018

The Council held a consultation between February and March 2018 for six weeks to allow sites to be submitted for consideration. Seventeen sites were submitted for consideration for designation and seven of these have been recommended for designation in the Draft Local Plan. A report of the assessment process for these sites is now available:

Local Green Space Designation Report  - June 2018 [pdf, loads in separate window]

Consultation on the Draft Local Plan runs until 2 August 2018 during which you will be able to comment on the proposed designations and submit addittional sites for consideration.  If you would like to submit new sites if you could inform us via the consultation portal and comment on Policy ENV 6. We will then be able to send you the forms necessary to support a Local Green Space application, alternatively the information on the Local Green Space Designation page of assistance.

By Planning Policy Team at 30 Jun 2018
There are 5 items on 1 pages.

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