Adult Social Care

Adult social care in Darlington is acknowledged and celebrated across the sector as champion of innovative social work.  Person-centred approaches have been embedded into the practice of social workers who are encouraged to work in a creative and imaginative way to ensure individuals and their families are able to lead meaningful and fulfilling lives.  Darlington has been a pioneer in developing a life span approach across disabled children and adults with a learning disability which has attracted interest and research from the Local Government Association, ADASS and  academics in social work.

In the last year Darlington has embraced the principles that underpin Making Safeguarding Personal (MSP) which build on and cement person centred approaches across all user groups.  In Darlington we recognise the full value of MSP can only be realised if we have the buy in of all our partners and we have embarked on an ambitious plan through the multi-agency Adults Safeguarding Board to establish MSP as the model used by all.

Whether you are a social care practitioner who is recently qualified or have years of experience Darlington is a place where innovation, creativity and social work values are encouraged, nurtured and celebrated. If you believe you can make a meaningful difference to individuals' lives but feel frustrated by the bureaucracy and barriers of traditional social care methods why not join us and together we will make the difference count.