Case Studies

Sharon Crossen

Social Worker (Children's Services)

The effective and supportive multi-agency working we have in Darlington ensures that families receive a wide range of services and we have really great working relationships both inside and outside of the council.

Jolene Physick

Social Worker (Adult Social Care)

There are lots of pros to coming to work in Darlington. When I qualified, I wanted a local authority that could offer me an assessed year (ASYE) programme. I get my own ASYE assessor and supervisor to support me through the process. I’m coming towards the end of my ASYE and I’ve had lots of good opportunities within the Complex Assessment team I’m in at the moment.

Phil Jones

Senior Practitioner (Adult Social Care)

I find the work in Darlington both rewarding and challenging, I often have to deal with crisis situations. Outside of work, Darlington is a really great place to live. I'm really into outdoor activities and we're really close to the Yorkshire Dales, the coast and the Lake District.

Nicola Hopps

Team Manager (Children's Services)

I joined as a Newly-Qualified Social Worker and progressed to Team Manager. My line manager supported me during that process through training and progression. Everybody knows everybody in Darlington, so the communication is very good. The people I've worked with for a long time are very motivated to make Darlington the best it can be.

Kristy Howe

Social Worker (Children's Services)

When I was aspiring to be a social worker, Darlington offered me the chance to volunteer two days a week for ten months. Darlington has been very loyal to me and I am loyal to Darlington in return. I like the commitment to achieving good outcomes for children.