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Hello and welcome. I'm Suzanne Joyner, director of children and adults services for Darlington Borough Council.

Social workers coming to work in Darlington will be joining a really good organisation with skilled and knowledgeable people with good partnerships. There’s fantastic support and supervision networks. We’ve got fantastic workforce development and training programme that invests in continuous professional development, giving newly-qualified social workers the support that they need.

When I came to Darlington, I immediately felt its warmth and friendliness. It’s got a fantastic town centre, some great shops, a really great mix of restaurants and different things you can do socially and it’s got a great location.

If I was selling Darlington to people thinking about coming to work here, I'd say it's vibrant town, with some fantastic new developments, a really great location and well-placed in terms of achieving a good work/life balance.

We're lucky in my team in that we've got a fantastic directorate, it covers all the services around people – children’s, adults, public health. I’ve got a very, very skilled and knowledgeable team – and that also goes for the wider teams and services. They are fantastic in terms of how they support individuals, how they work with people and we’ve got some great partnership work in Darlington.

Suzanne Joyner

Suzanne Joyner

Did you know Darlington is officially one of the best places to live in the UK?