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Town Centre and Retail Theme

Town Centre Conference 21st March 2017

A series of workshops were held around the themes of Retail Futures, Leisure Prospects, Arts Culture and Tourism, Digital Opportunities, Housing and Access, and the previous Town Centre Action Plan. 

Workshop Notes The notes of each workshop [pdf document] were recorded.  


Darlington Retail Study Update November 2017

After the Town Centre Conference, a study was commissioned with White Young Green Environment Planning Transport Ltd (WYG) to evidence the health of Darlington Town Centre and establish quantified development needs for retail developments in the Borough until 2036.

The Key Findings were:

  • Town Centre Health Check

Darlington increased their UK Venuescore Retail performance ranking to 58th. That is third within the North East after Newcastle Town Centre and the Metro Centre.   

  • Key outcomes for the Local Plan 2016-2036

There is no defined need for convenience space until 2036 and up to 15,000m² retail space is needed by 2036, proposals were suggested for planning policy flexibility based within the Primary Shopping Area and changes of use have been recommended.

View the final White Young Green Town Centre and Retail Study (November 2017) pdf document].