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Plan Delivery Theme

The Local Plan will need to demonstrate its deliverability through a number of other requirements which are set by national policy and guidance.  These will include:

  • Infrastructure Delivery Plan - is a supporting document for the Local Plan and will covers the plan period. It will include details of the infrastructure identified by the Council and other service providers as being needed to support the delivery of development within the Borough. It will explain the approach the Council has taken in identifying infrastructure requirements and what the next steps for delivery will be.
  • Plan Wide Viability Assessment – Is required to demonstrate the plan and the proposals within it are financially viable and capable of being delivered. To assess viability we will be undertaking work on the following:
    • Site specific and plan wide costs; e.g infrastructure
    • Where funding will come;
    • The cost and availability of development finance;
    • Ensuring there is a clear narrative and commitment to making things happen
  • Planning Obligations (Section 106/Community Infrastructure Levy) – The existing Planning Obligations SPD will also be reviewed during the plan preparation period to reflect upon new evidence that will be gathered on site viability and infrastructure requirements.