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Housing and Employment Land Availability Assessment

HELAA 2017-2018

The Darlington Housing and Employment Land Availability Assessment  2017 (HELAA 2017) assesses the suitability, availability and achievability of sites in the Borough to be considered for allocation in the Local Plan 2016-36.   

The process was previously known as the Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA), and has been renamed as the HELAA to reflect its consideration of employment sites alongside housing. All sites that were considered as part of the previous SHLAA (2015) were retained and carried forward into the HELAA to be considered in an up to date context.

The assessment of all 194 submitted sites by landowners and developers have been taken through this mandatory technical assessment of Darlington Borough Council.

The HELAA identifies mainly

  • Suitability  -  Is the site suitable for Housing / Mixed Use / Employment development after considering serious site constraints? (such as , Ecological constraints, contamination/ Access)
  • Availability – Is the site on the market / or actively promoted by landowner / developer?
  • Achievability -  When is development likely to come forward?  (0-5 years / 6-10 years / 11- 15 years / over 15 years)  

The results of the HELAA 2017 assessment which was carried out in October – November 2017 can be seen on a Darlington wide assessment map [pdf document] and a summary spreadsheet for each individual site.

HELAA Final Report 2018

The Final Report for the Housing and Employment Land Availability Assessment 2017 (HELAA) was completed in March 2018 and contains the following sections:

  • Section 1  Introduction
  • Section 2  Policy Context
  • Section 3  Assessment methodology–explain the approach and assumptions made when assessing sites.
  • Section 4  Darlington HELAA 2017 Assessment findings
  • Section 5  Darlington 5 Year Housing Land Supply and Housing Trajectory

View the HELLAA 2017 [pdf].

It also includes the following appendices, some can be viewed within the HELAA 2017 report, others can be viewed using the links below.


  • 1 + 2 Call for sites and HELAA Proformas (in main document)
  • 3 Schedule of Sites Not Suitable (in main document)
  • 4 Schedule of Sites Suitable for Housing / Mixed Used / Employment (including potential delivery timescale) (in main document)
  • 5 HELAA Site Profile [pdf]  An assessment summary of all assessed 196 sites, including:
    • an assessment on the suitability and availability of each site with location map, and
    • a notional development capacity that could be delivered on each suitable site.
  • Section 6 Map 1[pdf] - Map showing assessed HELAA sites and assessment results
  • Section 7 Map 2[pdf] - Map showing assessed HELAA sites and Assessment results

The complete HELAA 2018 assessment for each site is available here: