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Housing and Economic Needs Theme

Planning is striking a balance between allowing development of land and buildings to support economic development, and provide the things we need (like homes, jobs, shops and transport), and improving and conserving public spaces, heritage, amenities and the environment, and help to tackle climate change.

This theme will establish how much development will be needed over the next 20 years to meet the Council’s objectives of facilitating sustainable economic growth and meeting the housing needs and aspirations of those living and working in the borough. The latest evidence suggests that there will be growth o approximately 7,000 jobs and the need for 10,000 new dwellings over the plan period – we are updating these numbers using the latest population projections and economic forecasts so we know we are planning the right amount of development over the short, medium and long term.

There are a number of key issues that require consideration when planning for the housing and economic needs of the borough. These include:

  • Understanding the relationship and co-dependency between housing and economic development over the plan period
  • Ensuring Darlington’s plan aligns with the Tees Valley wide strategies, including the Strategic Economic Plan other Borough’s objectives and aspirations
  • Making sure Darlington’s needs are accurately and robustly established, so that development can be phased over the plan period

 The Council has recently undertaken a partial update of the Borough’s 2015 Strategic Housing Market Assessment (SHMA). The update relates primarily to the objectively assessed need figure for housing based on latest population projections. The 2017 update assessment outlines a need for approximately 10,000 new homes over the plan period. The 2015 SHMA is still relevant in terms of wider evidence and the proportion of affordable homes required and the needs of different groups in the community.  The 2015 SHMA and the 2017 update can both be found in the document library section. 

Work is also being undertaken on an Employment Land Review to get a full picture of demand for land/floorspace for economic development in Darlington, including an analysis of key sectors for growth. This document will be placed on this website once complete. 

Updated information will be posted on this page in relation to housing and economic needs matters, including details of further engagement and consultation, in due course.