Climate Change, Energy and Flood Risk Theme

The Council has commissioned JBA consulting to prepare a Level 1 Strategic Flood Risk Assessment to support the Local Plan. This document will assess the risk to the borough from flooding from all sources (for example, surface water drains) not just rivers and sea, now and in the future, taking into account the impacts of climate change. It will also consider the impact (including cumulative impact) that land use changes and development will have on flood risk and the opportunities to reduce flood risk to existing communities and developments. This work will inform the Local Plan, so that flood risk is fully taken into account when considering site allocation options and in the preparation of planning policies. The Strategic Flood Risk Assessment will be published on this part of the microsite in the new year.


It should be noted that the Local Plan Member Steering Group has made a commitment to only allocate development sites within Flood Zone 1 (land which has the lowest probability of river or sea flooding).