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The Plan Vision


The Vision for the Local Plan (below) reflects comments made during the Strategic Issues and Scoping consultation process.  It sets out what the Plan is seeking to achieve.


 ‘In 2036, Darlington Borough will have maintained its identity as a cohesive historic market town situated amongst countryside and villages, whilst developing its reputation for ingenuity and its status as an economic driver in the Tees Valley. Its coherent community, natural and historic environment will continue to be cherished protected and celebrated. The opportunities available in Darlington and its links with other centres will make the Borough an attractive place for both residential and commercial investment, with the Borough’s needs for housing, jobs and other development being met, supported by new and improved infrastructure and community facilities. Together with excellent national and regional connectivity and accessibility, these characteristics will mean Darlington continues to thrive and be a great place to live, work and invest.'


Riverside Park