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Sustainability Appraisal

The Council must carry out and consult on a sustainability appraisal (SA) of the new Local Plan, alongside its preparation.  Sustainability appraisal is how we make sure that the policies and proposals of the Local Plan, taken individually and together, can deliver the most sustainable patterns and forms of development possible, taking account of social, economic and environmental considerations. 

The SA is updated to reflect each stage of the Local Plan, see the consultation portal for the latest versions.

Sustainability Appraisal 2017

An updated Sustainability Appraisal Framework was approved by Cabinet on the 12th September 2017 (replacing the framework document approved in November 2016).

This Framework should ensure that at each key stage of the Local Plan preparation, the Sustainability Appraisal considers all relevant significant environmental, social and economic sustainability issues appropriately. 

The Summer 2016 consultation document is still available to view ‘Darlington Local Plan 2016-2036 - Draft Sustainability Appraisal Scoping Report’ [pdf document]

The following comments were received during the consultation process and were considered during the development of the document.

SA001 Durham Bird Club

SA002 Stockton -on -Tees Borough Council

SA003 P Wellings

SA004 Natural England

SA006 P Wood

SA007 Chisholm Darlington CAMRA

SA008 Councillor C Johnson

SA009 F Hall

SA011 Anonymous

SA012 Philips Darlington Friends of the Earth

SA013 Northumbrian Water

SA014 Gladman

SA015 Ord

SA016 Murray

SA017 Good HBF

SA018 McGough for Hansteen

SA019 Historic England

SA020 North Yorkshire County Council

SA022  Highways England

SA023 Enviroment Agency

SA024 Redcar & Cleveland Borough Council

SA025 Middleton St George Parish Council