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Strategic Locations for Growth - Darlington Town Centre

It is highly likely that the locations identified for growth and regeneration in the adopted Core Strategy are still the most suitable and sustainable for new development. The Growth Zones the Council has previously identified are shown on the map below. But more land in new locations is needed for more development and to replace developable land used up since 2011.

Darlington Town Centre is the main retail, leisure, office and transport hub for the Borough and beyond. Recent office, leisure and car park developments in the Feethams area, and proposals to refresh the Covered Market, are designed to reaffirm and strengthen this role. To sustain and increase Darlington’s market share and vibrancy for retail, offices and leisure for the next 20 years, further innovations and improvements to the town centre offer will be needed.

We propose a policy to do this, underpinned by a review of the 2012 Town Centre Strategy, including considering the future of the land identified currently for the stalled ‘Oval’ shopping development.  


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