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Strategic Locations for Growth - Central Growth Zone

It is highly likely that the locations identified for growth and regeneration in the adopted Core Strategy are still the most suitable and sustainable for new development. The Growth Zones the Council has previously identified are shown on the map below. But more land in new locations is needed for more development and to replace developable land used up since 2011.

The Central Growth Zone takes in the town centre but also extends to the east and north to encompass the Bank Top Railway Station area, the area around The Forum and Civic Theatre performance venues and the emerging business and housing area of Central Park beyond that. It also includes vacant and underused land bordering the River Skerne to the east of High Northgate and west of Haughton Road.

We propose a policy to support the continuation and extension of current projects here. Renewed focus is expected to be given to improving Bank Top Station and making the most of opportunities nearby that arise from its accessibility to places further afield and its role in the ‘gateway experience’ for those arriving in Darlington. The 2013 Town Centre Fringe Masterplan remains in our ambitions, but because land values in the area are so low, and constraints on development so varied and complex, we propose that any housing or commercial schemes coming forward here should be regarded as in addition to anything planned elsewhere.  

Strategic Growth Locations

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