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New Development - Employment Sites

Darlington has more than enough land and premises for new or expanding businesses in a range of locations across the Borough, but there are likely to be shortages in particular sizes, types and quality for the businesses growing in Darlington now and those likely to be attracted here in the future.

The future demand and availability of business land and premises was last reviewed in 2013. This information needs updating to take account of any new or different requirements of likely end users and gains/losses in the supply, and to roll forward the demand forecasts to 2036. A robust policy position to safeguard valuable employment land from other uses will also be needed, to respond to national planning policy that requires its suitability for housing to be considered.

The approach in the interim planning policy statement (IPPS) will be the starting point for developing a new policy. The priority locations for encouraging new employment development will be reflected in the emerging policies for the growth zones.

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