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Local Place Making - Heritage Assets

So that the Borough remains an attractive place to live, we will draw up policies and undertaking masterplanning to ensure that new development creates good new places, or enhances existing places. Good local places may include a mix of well designed energy efficient housing with strong local community and recreational facilities, shops and services. These walkable neighbourhoods are likely to be designed to encourage healthy lifestyles, enhance the natural environment, cherish local heritage, and have good access to jobs.

Heritage Assets

Because heritage and archaeology are at the heart of what makes Darlington distinctive, we propose a policy to promote, protect and enhance its quality and integrity. Work on this is already well advanced, and is reflected in the interim planning position statement. It covers heritage and archaeology that has already been formally recognised, as well as that which has not. Unless there are changes to national policy, it is proposed to retain the existing policy approach.

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Local Place Making - Heritage Assets

All the buildings connected to Darlington's Quaker Heritage (including Crown Street Library - as a library) should be preserved and connected, with other infrastructure, such as the railway stations, buildings, bridges and railway networks, to bring together and promote the history of Darlington. A "heritage corridor" could be created from North Road Station, along the Skerne to the Town Centre. In addition, the original route of the railway through Middleton St George should be signposted and included in the heritage trail.

We are in danger of losing all this. It is good to see that Darlington's aim is to preserve our heritage.