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Local Place Making - Green Infrastructure

So that the Borough remains an attractive place to live, we will draw up policies and undertaking masterplanning to ensure that new development creates good new places, or enhances existing places. Good local places may include a mix of well designed energy efficient housing with strong local community and recreational facilities, shops and services. These walkable neighbourhoods are likely to be designed to encourage healthy lifestyles, enhance the natural environment, cherish local heritage, and have good access to jobs.

The Darlington Green Infrastructure Strategy (2013) provides comprehensive information to underpin local planning policy for all green space, except allotments, for which there is a separate strategy. Up to date information and trends will need to be collected to inform the policy approach to the latter.

We propose that the existing policy approach, which protects key components of the identified green infrastructure network from losses, be retained and the approach to providing more green space, as broadly set out in the IPPS is refined. If possible, we propose to simplify the existing approach to achieve these intentions.

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Local Place Making - Green Infrastructure

Green Infrastructure plays a valuable role in making development sustainable, providing environmental, social and economic benefits. There is a cost to maintaining Green Infrastructure and all development should provide a financial contribution to meeting those costs so that benefits to society can be maintained into the future.