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Issues & Scoping Topic Areas - Summer 2016

The following topics set out our initial thoughts about what the scope of the new Local Plan should be, and the planning issues that we think it should address.  It also sets out the key material that we used as a starting point for developing new planning policies, much of which was also included in the Interim Planning Position Statement (IPPS).

Click on the links below to read about each topic.  Alternatively, you can download the Strategic Issues and Scoping Paper for the New Local Plan (PDF, May 2016).

To help guide your thinking, we asked 10 key questions that we wanted you to help us answer:

  1. Is the period up to 2036 the right period for the new Local Plan? If not, what do you suggest, and why?

  2.  Do you agree with the range of matters that we propose to cover in the new Local Plan? Is anything missing?

  3.  Is this vision still the right one? If not, how should it be changed?

  4. Are the aims and objectives (see page 17) linked to this vision still the right ones, and should any be prioritised?

  5. Are the issues highlighted in the themes listed here the right ones?

  6. Are there other themes that we should consider?

  7. Are there any issues or themes for which you think we have not identified the right ‘starting point’ material for developing new policies?  

  8. Is there any further research that you think is needed before new polices can be developed?

In addition, for new housing:

  1. Do you particularly support or object to any of the potential strategic options for new housing identified?
  2. Are there any other options that you can think of? If so, what is there to commend them.


This table lists all of the proposals in the consultation

Id Proposal More Detail
2345 A Vision for Darlington See details
2344 Economic Growth See details
2357 Local Place Making - Biodiversity and Geodiversity See details
2359 Local Place Making - Community Facilities See details
2356 Local Place Making - Green Infrastructure See details
2354 Local Place Making - Heritage Assets See details
2355 Local Place Making - Landscape Character See details
2353 Local Place Making - Quality of Existing Housing and Residential Areas See details
2358 Local Place Making - Sport, Recreation and Open Space See details
2360 Local Place Making - Transport, Parking and Utilities See details
2352 Local Place Making - Types of Housing See details
2362 Making Choices See details
2361 Managing Development See details
2347 New Development - Employment Sites See details
2350 New Development - Gypsy and Traveller Accommodation See details
2349 New Development - Housing See details
2351 New Development - Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency See details
2348 New Development - Town Centres and Retailing See details
2364 Strategic Locations for Growth - Central Growth Zone See details
2363 Strategic Locations for Growth - Darlington Town Centre See details
2366 Strategic Locations for Growth - Eastern Growth Zone See details
2367 Strategic Locations for Growth - New Growth Zones See details
2365 Strategic Locations for Growth - North West Growth Zone See details